Thursday, July 7, 2011

Popular Breeds of Dairy Cattle in the Philippines

Popular Breeds of Dairy Cattle in the Philippines



Brown Swiss



Red Sindhi

Some temperate breeds of dairy cattle have been raised successfully in the Philippines with proper management and nutrition. The Holstein-Fresian, Jersey, and Brown Swiss.

Tropical breeds which have done well in the country are: Sahiwal, Red Sindhi and Tharpakar. The tropical conditions, these are generally dual purpose (i.e. both meat and milk). Hence they produce less milk than the temperate breeds.

Dairy cattle require a “comfort zone” for optimum production. This explains why temperate breed cattle do not perform as well in the Philippines as in their country of origin. For temperate cattle, this zone ranges from -1 to 10˚C and 10 to 27˚C on tropical cattle. At temperatures higher than these, the thermo regulating mechanisms begin to fail causing drops in productive processes.

Crossbreds and grades are recommended for use in more areas in the Philippines due to their higher adaptation capability to local temperatures. Purebreds must be managed in higher altitudes with lower temperature and provided with their better care and plane of nutrition. However, the personal preference of producers must be taken into account.

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